Startups from BETiC

1. FractoAid

Name of the company: MediAsha Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Pune

Address 1: MediAsha Technologies Pvt. Ltd., 300 NCL Innovation Park, Dr Homi Bhabha Rd, Pashan, Pune, Maharashtra 411008

 Address 2: MediAsha Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,127/2 Krushnamai Apt, Flat no.13, Above Sarjaa Hotel, Sanewadi, Aundh, Pune – 411007

Contact number: 8087221044



Brief Introduction: FractoAid is an orthopedic splint that provides early and instant immobilization to the fractured limb. FractoAid is an integrated pack of a composite hybrid structure enclosed in a unique liner with inbuilt 3 straps of hook-loop fastener for better securement of the fractured limb. The hybrid composition gives a high strength to weight ratio and provides stiffness with a quick setting time of 3 minutes. The functional strength is achieved within 5 minutes of time. The unique liner allows easy access of water into the splint. The layer in contact with the skin is biocompatible, breathable and provides cushioning to the patient. The device is more malleable as compared to the traditional method of splinting. The device provides therapeutic positioning thus conforms to the specific area of patients’ extremity. The 3 step application process makes the device user-friendly. Only water is needed for the application. FractoAid can be used without gloves.






2. Skin spray

Name of the company: Pacify Medical Technologies Pvt Ltd

Address: Room No.2, TCS Shed, Opp CSRE Dept, YP Road, IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai-76

Contact number: +91-9551999642



Brief Introduction: Skin spray is a novel device, which expands the skin up to 1:30, helping to cover large burn wound with limited healthy skin in the process of skin grafting. A unique technology boosts the body’s own capacity of self-healing to heal faster and keeps bacterial infections in check.



                      Skin spray

3. Endotracheal Tube Obstruction Monitoring

Company Name: Atmen Technovention Private limited
Address: Aaditya Teraces, Shinde Wasti Ravet, Pune 412101
Incorporation number: U33100PN2019PTC182147
Incorporation Year: 2