Mr. Sandip S. Anasane

Mr. Sandip S. Anasane



Mr. S.S. Anasane, is an Assistant Professor (2009 – till date) in Department of Production Engineering and Industrial Management at College of Engineering Pune (An Autonomous Institute of Government of Maharashtra). He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. and he holds a masters degree in engineering having specialisation in Production Engineering. He was in-charge of Fab Lab COEP set up in collaboration with Centre for Bits and Atoms, MIT, USA. He was instrumental in development of various digital fabrication projects and conducted two workshops on digital fabrication techniques.

He was engaged in development of Virtual lab project ( an initiative of Ministry of Human Resource Department Govt. of India under National Mission on Education through ICT.
Mr. S. S. Anasane has around 14+ years of teaching experience. He has guided 04 Masters thesis and no. of B.E. & B.Tech projects.
Earlier he has associated with OrthoCAD Network Research Cell at IIT Bombay ( and he was actively involved in design of Total Tumour Knee Prosthesis for osteo‐sarcoma (cancer) and IM Tibial jig. He has also worked on FEM analysis of hip prosthesis at COEP.
His present research work includes generation of micro features and micro structures on titanium and its alloys applicable for biomedical implants and prosthesis as well as micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS).


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