S.K. Jain

Dr. S.K. Jain

MBBS, MS(General Surgery)
M.Phil(Mechanical Engineering) 


Dr. S.K Jain has completed his MBBS from Lucknow University and further went ahead to pursue M.S in General Surgery from University of Pune. He also has a M.Phil degree in Mechanical Engineering from London. He has been trained in Prosthetics & Orthotics, Rehabilitation and Surgery at Roehampton Rehabilitation Centre and Limb Surgery Unit, Queen Mary’s University Hospital, London for a period of 2 years. He has served in the Indian Armed Forces as a Surgeon, Additional Adviser, Senior Adviser, Consultant in Surgery and Rehabilitation Medicine. He retired as Major General after 36 years of service. He is currently working as a Consultant in Rehabilitation at Sancheti Institute of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation Shivaji Nagar, Pune. He also established the Prosthetic and Orthotic Facility in the hospital.
His research work in prosthetics comprises of Designing and development of ‘Polyurethane Prosthetic Foot’. He was awarded National Technology Award by the President of India (1990) for the same. He has also developed a new technique of selecting the level for successful amputation in ischaemic limbs. This work was presented at All England Prosthetic Surgeons Conference (1981) and was formally handed over to Limb Surgery Unit (later on known as Douglas Bader Unit), Queen Mary’s Hospital, London, (1982).
He also popularized and improved the new ‘Skew Flap Technique of Below Knee Amputation’ and Krukenberg’s Operation’ for bilateral below elbow amputees in India


  1. Author of a book ‘Foot and Foot Orthoses’.
  2. Book under publication ‘Spine and spinal Orthosis’.
  3. Contributed a chapter ‘Krukenberg Operation’ in a book ‘Amputation: Surgical Practice and Patient’s Management’ published by Butterworth Heinemann, UK.
  4. Contributed a chapter ‘Amputation Surgery’ in a book ‘Trauma’ published by Command Military Hospital (CC), Lucknow, India.
  5. Contributed a chapter ‘Rehabilitation of Disabled’ in a book ‘Our Health in Our Hands’, published by the School of Health Sciences, University of Pune, India.
  6. Published over 15 papers of original work in National and International journals including a publication ‘New Technique of Below Knee Amputation’ in Dec 2005 issue of Prosthetic and Orthotic International’.