Palak Gupta

Palak Gupta

Research Intern


Palak is a final year Electronics & Telecommunications student at Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune. Her area of interest is primarily Biomedical Electronics, Embedded System Design and Wearable technology. She is involved in rehabilitation projects with Electromyography. She has done mini projects in the field of Wearables to develop a GPS enabled Health Monitoring System. She has previously interned at Eaton India Engineering centre at Pune under Embedded Systems CoE.
At BETiC she is working on developing an Auto-retractable Assistive Device for Dialysis Patients focussing on patients undergoing haemodialysis.
Auto Retractable Assistive Device for Dialysis Patients
“An assistive device to reduce stress during treatment for dialysis patients”.
The device aims at reducing physical stress that patients undergo by mimicking muscle movements and also reducing time taken by fistula to mature and making blood flow through the fistula more efficient.

Development Team:

Palak Gupta, Anjali Rajan and Dr. Atul Sajgure (Nephrologist at Sahyadri Speciality Hospital, Pune).


“AN AUTO-RETRACTABLE AND AUTOMATED ASSISTIVE DEVICE FOR USE PRIOR TO DIALYSIS” by Palak Gupta, Anjali P Rajan, Dr.Atul Sajgure, Dr.A V Mulay, Dr. B B Ahuja, 4474/MUM/2015