Mayur Mohan Sanas


Research Associate


Mayur is currently pursuing his PhD at COE Pune under the guidance of Dr. B B Ahuja and Dr(Mrs.) A V Mulay. His thesis is focussed on bone scaffold for tissue engineering. He has a Master of Design degree from IIITDM Kancheepuram (Chennai). His M.Des dissertation was focused on ‘’ Design and analysis of reinforced gears”, which involves introduction of network structure of metal foam as reinforcement material. He has Bachelor’s degree, in Mechanical Engineering, from Dr. JJMCOE, Jaysingpur (Shivaji University, Kolhapur).
He has worked as Intern in Nissan Ashok Leyland technologies Ltd; Chennai during which he has designed bracket to measure 5 axis movement of flexible exhaust bellow.
He has excellent CAD skills and knowledge of product design. He was one of the finalists in Autodesk 3D design competition 2013.
At BETiC, he is involved in design and development of innovative medical devices which includes stages like concept generation, CAD modelling, making prototype, CAE analysis and testing of the device. He has a patent to his credit.

Plaster splint with paper padding
Novel orthopedic plaster splint with paper padding is helpful for immobilizing the affected organ instantly. It possess optimized bending stiffness, lightweight, easily applicable and cost effective when compare to fibreglass splints.

Development Team

Mayur Sanas and Dr. Ashish Ranade, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, Pune


“AN ORTHOPAEDIC HYBRID PLASTER SPLINT” by Mayur Sanas, Dr. Ashish Ranade, Dr. A V Mulay, Dr. B B Ahuja, 1464/MUM/2015

“A PORTABLE HAEMOGLOBIN QUANTIFICATION DEVICE” by Shravani Barkund, Mayur Sanas, Dr. Nambiraj Konar, Dr.A V Mulay and Dr. B. B. Ahuja, 4473/MUM/2015