Prof. B.B. Ahuja

Dr. Ahuja

Principal Investigator


Prof. B. B. Ahuja is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering with a postgraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. For his doctorate, he did his research in the area of Hybrid Bearing Design for High Speed Spindles at College of Engineering, Pune (COEP). He also holds a Masters degree in Management Science.
Prof. B. B. Ahuja is the Professor of the Production Engineering Department and Officiating Director of College of Engineering, Pune.
He has to his credit 105 technical published papers in National & International Journals and Conferences. His research papers have been widely cited, in technical papers and reference books. He is associated with various governmental agencies in Pune for R&D activities in Manufacturing Engineering and is also a consultant to a few Industries in Pune. He is a member of the Computer Society of India, Operations Research Society of India and the Association of Mechanisms, Robotics Society of India and Machines Indian Society for Technical Education and also Romanian Society of Mechanical Engineers of Romania.
At BETiC, he is the Principal investigator for the team at COE Pune.