Anjali P Rajan


Research Assistant


Anjali holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from Sahrdaya College of Engineering & Technology, University of Calicut, Kerala.
She has experience in areas of product design, medical electronics and 3D modelling. Her areas of interest include wearable technology, ergonomics and human physiology.
She has worked at Sunrise Institute of Medical Sciences, a tertiary multispecialty hospital and is well-versed in operations and troubleshooting of medical equipment. She has also held the post of biomed lead at a telecom based startup incubator, as a part of their entrepreneurship, design and development community.
She has also been an active member of IEEE at her college and has been awarded the title of Mentor to the student branch for her contributions. She has two technical papers and one patent to her credit.
At BETiC, she has designed and developed an automated acupressure device with Dr. Anita Dharma Sharma of Inlaks & Budhrani Hospital.
AcuSmart Glove- An Automated Acupressure Glove
“An ergonomic and compact device to provide acupressure therapy with utmost effectiveness for pain and stress relief, without consuming time or effort and be used anywhere, anytime by anyone.”

Development Team
Anjali Rajan and Dr. Anita Dharma Sharma, Naturopath & Acupuncturist, Inlaks & Budhrani Hospital, Koregaon Park, Pune.

“AN AUTOMATED ACUPRESSURE GLOVE” by Anjali P Rajan, Dr. Anita Dharma Sharma, Dr. A V Mulay, Dr. B B Ahuja, 1465/MUM/2015

Anjali.P.Rajan, Dr. A.V.Mulay, Dr. B.B. Ahuja “An Automated Acupressure Glove For Stress & Pain Relief Using 3D Printing”, 5th International Conference on Additives Manufacturing Technology AM 2015, Bangalore, India, 7-8, Sept 2015.